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Don’t let the sharks get to you for big money for reputation management when you can do it yourself for less.

Just published! — a workbook to help you manage your own Do It Yourself online reputation management (ORM), Search Engine Optimizaion (SEO), reputation enhancement and reputation repair.

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Don’t pay  $2,000 to $5,000 to even $10,000 per month  like some reputation reputation services charge, when you can do the same thing yourself for free. We’ll teach you how to SEO, reputation management services, and more in easy to follow steps\-by-step instructions.  Informative and entertaning 150-page workbook.

Some of the big boys of online reputation management outsource work to foreign workers who are spaming the Internet — throwing it all against the wall to see what sticks. Not to mention in questionable English. That’s a receipe for disaster.

We’ll walk you though all the steps to do your own responsible reputation fixes, how to SEO, reputation enchancement or reputation repair the right way.  It’s easy and it’s inexpensive. And you don’t need to know programing or complicated computer-speak to be highly effective.

As they say, a good defense is first and foremost a good offense.  If you have not already done so, buy your name (or some close variation to it) as a “.com” domain name.  For less than $12 you can buy your name if available.  In fact, buy your kid’s and your spouses’  “.com” names while you still can before they are gone.  ”.com” domains are running out but these are still going to be the primary domains for many years to come, and your kids will appreciate having them sometime in the future.  We’ll show you how and where to buy specific domain name(s), several ways to easily create one or more free websites, and how and where to “host” your website and bring it to life without needing any technical knowledge.

Are you creating a new on-line reputation? Or repairing damage done from negative things that were said in a blog or website about you?     Perhaps you are dealing with comments posted by a disgruntled employee, or perhaps a competitor, that are popping up in searchs of your name in the search engine results. We’ll give you a DIY roadmap to help solve this situation.

We’ll explain in detail how to do your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site. The search engine spiders for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others comb through your site regularly to decide how high they will rank it in their search results. Each have their own criteria.  We’ll show you a variety of free “plugins” to your site that work in the background to make your site especially attractive to the spiders and don’t require any computer programing knowledge on your part. We’ll show you step-by-step how to fill out any on-line forms as well.Http arrow

Each search engine has their own criteria in determining page rank.  Among many things all the spiders look at, however, are how many other sites link to your site(known as “backlinks”), and to see if your site has new blog posts or comments from time to time and is not just static.  We’ll show you how to build and maintain a site for the purpose of enhancing your reputation, or to repair problems, with the criteria they are looking for and easy ways to ensure it is made up of active content.

They are especially looking for “original content” on your sites (i.e., that each linking site does not use identical wording.)  Unlike what some services recommend, you can’t just cut-and-paste a paragraph or two about your or your company into 50+ website listings and expect any favorable results. In fact, you’ll get just the opposite.  We’ll teach you a simple way to deal with that issue too.

If you are trying to get search results removed, we’ll show you methods for moving the positive information up in the search results and the negative information down in the results.  Solutions will include social marketing.  In some case specific items can actually be removed, but the best way to deal with it is to push it down to where it won’t readily be seen. (See the related article under the Articles tab)

Wikipedia will be discussed in depth, especially the pros and cons of getting listed in its pages or on other wiki sites, social media, the importance of the right keywords, search engine optimization tips, how to do SEO and more.  There are definitely significant dangers in a place that you cannot control,such as Wikipedia,  and which can get out of control in a hurry.

This and much more in-depth information is coming soon in the form of a complete Online Reputation Management workbook.

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you. Post comments or questions or give us your email below for future updates.  We won’t spam you.   But we will let you know when the information is ready to “go live” for distribution.

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THe workbook author, Don Martin, is the owner of Don Martin Public Affairs, founded in 1989 in Austin, Texas. The firm specializes in public affairs, crisis management, crisis communications and Online Reputation Management.  www.donmartin.com

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