Reputation Workbook Launched November 11

 (Friday, November 11, 2011) 
–  Don Martin Public Affairs has published this week an e-book on “Do It Yourself Internet Reputation
Management and Repair.”

Cover of Workbook

150 Pages

The e-workbook is available for sale and immediate download

“With the explosive growth of the Internet and Social Media
sites,  Internet Reputation Management
has increasingly become a significant part of our business, as it  has for other public affairs and public
relations companies,” noted Martin.

This is particularly true because of the growth in social
sites like Facebook.  More than half of
all American’s over age 12 have a Facebook account according to recent Facebook

“Not everyone can afford individual consultation and to hire
someone to handle a rumor, false report, inaccurate customer complaint of even
an outright lie about themselves on the Internet,” said Martin.   “That’s why I put together a “Do It
Yourself” workbook to help guide someone step-by-step in an easy to follow
format for handling their own issues.”

The workbook is not just for reputation repair, but also
addresses reputation enhancement, pro-active reputation protection and reputation
repair, all three, he said.

“Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets,” said
Martin.  “What you’ve taken 30 years to
build can be significantly damaged in five minutes by an anonymous disgruntled
former employee, business competitor, unhappy former business partner, vendor,
ex-spouse or virtually anyone.”

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One thought on “Reputation Workbook Launched November 11

  1. This book really does give the secrets of how to repair your on-line reputation and how to set yourself up in a defensive position prior to an attack. The techniques work. Before he published this book, I called on Don to help a client whose property management company was receiving false reviews from a disgruntled ex-employee. A few of his techniques solved the problem. Those techniques and a whole lot more are in the book. A surprise addition to the book, the extended glossary, is a very helpful bonus.