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  1. Don’t post compromising photos on your Facebook. It should go without saying but also don’t  tweet them or post them on Flickr or email them.  You may think that only your recipient will see them.  Think again.
  2. Don’t make hasty comments online forums or on other people’s blog posts.  Although some online groups and forums let you edit your comments for a short time afterward (very few of them) once it’s up there , you can’t take it back. Sometimes there is no way to pull your foot  out of your virtual mouth.
  3. Don’t try to confront an obviously intentional online attacker/detractor directly.  If someone really wants to get at you,
    anything you do might provoke him further. And the more he puts out there, the more people will see it, link to it and spread it around, and the higher it will go up in the search engine rankings.
  4. Don’t underestimate the number of people searching for you online.  According to a Microsoft poll from 2010, 79% of recruiters and hiring managers in the US have used social networking sites and blog searches to screen out candidates. 7 out of 10 adults have searched for information about someone online.
  5. Don’t assume that everyone shares you sense of humor.
    It’s not just that different people respond – and take offense —  to different types of humor. You yourself may look back on something you thought was hilarious months or years ago and not find it funny anymore.


Excerpts reprinted with permission., Inc. © 2011
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