Top 11 Do’s and Don’ts re Reputation Management

First let’s Sart with the Do’s.  Then next week I’ll post the Dont’s.   Special thanks to for allowing me to reprint portions of these.


Establish a presence on social networks.
LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular, but also do Google Profiles (for sure), MySpace, Squidoo, and Namz. Each serves a different purpose and market. If you want to jump in with both feet, there are plenty of others to explore and engage in. Just don’t get TOO many as you’ll need to keep them all ocassionally updated.  Search engines favor more recent content.

Take up  blogging.
Start a blog, or two or three on personal or professional topics. Use a different blogging platform or network for each and link between them.  ANd link them to your Sopcial Media sites above.  Update them frequently with stories, tips or relevant news items. And make (carefully considered) comments on other people’s blogs with topics similar to yours or that interest you.

Regularly monitor your online reputation.
You can set up a Google alert to let you know whenever a new mention of you pops uponline.  And other (paid) services, like offer more sophisticated to help you track and control what shows up.

Try to get inaccurate information changed or removed.
If someone inadvertently says something about you that is misleading or just wrong – in a Facebook or blog post, for example – ask them nicely to correct their mistake or take the content down. Be calm, be nice, be polite and you’ll have a much better chance of getting it down than by being angry or threatening lawsuits (which you probably cannot win anyway).

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